Erik Tambuyzer​

Dr. Erik Tambuyzer holds a bioengineering degree with a PhD from KU Leuven and has over 30 years of experience in human healthcare innovation. In 1985, he co-founded and managed Innogenetics, one of the first biotech companies in Europe. In 1992, he joined Genzyme Corp. (now part of Sanofi) as VicePresident Europe, Diagnostics and Genetics and had an important role in building Genzyme’s European presence. From 1996 to 2010, Tambuyzer was Genzyme’s Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs Europe & International and co-managing director of the Genzyme biologicals manufacturing facility in Geel, Belgium. He was also a founding Board member and Chairperson of EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries. In 1997, he founded the joint industry Working Group on rare diseases and orphan medicines (EuropaBio/EFPIA). ​

Tambuyzer has been its Chairperson until 2010, as well as from 1997-2000, the industry point person in the discussions with the European institutions on the European Orphan Medicinal Products Regulation (EC 141/2000). Since 1993, Tambuyzer has worked with rare disease patients’ organizations. From 2014 until 2020, he co-founded and chaired an international non-profit organization working on therapies for neurological rare diseases, such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Recently, Tambuyzer was lead co-author of a review article about Therapies for Rare Diseases, published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery and coauthored by the heads of the orphan drugs sectors at EMA and FDA.​

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