David DEvigne

David Devigne Ph.D., PharmD, combines a scientific and corporate finance background. David currently works as a Senior Investment Manager Life Sciences at PMV, and as a guest professor at Vlerick Business School & Ghent University. David is the author of high impact publications and serves as board member in several life sciences companies in addition to Aphea.Bio, including: Augustine Therapeutics, Rewind Therapeutics, ViroVet, PharmaFluidics & Oxypoint. His doctoral research focused on the relationship between international venture capital investors and their portfolio companies, a topic he continues to investigate

Prior to PMV he worked as a researcher at the Department of Corporate Finance at Vlerick Business School and Ghent University. Next to his doctoral research and teaching activities in corporate finance & financial analysis, he consulted on various projects for the Belgian ministry of economics, the European Commission and various small & large companies.

David holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics (Vlerick Business School & Ghent University), a master degree in Economics and Business Administration (Ghent University), and a master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ghent University).