Bart Geerts​

Bart Geers graduated cum laude as Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2008, after which he obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Ghent. ​After a short period in pharmaceutical industry Bart became manager of the multidisciplinary research platform on nano- and biophotonics (NB-photonics) within Ghent University. During this period Bart gained deep insight in photonics technology and combined his expertise in life sciences and nanosciences to generate new projects merging technology with life sciences.

He was instrumental, amongst others, for setting-up Antelope Dx, a spin-off in lab-on-chip diagnostics, which has recently integrated into MyCartis. Currently Bart is working at KULeuven Research & Development (LRD) where he coaches startup projects in health technology and manages the spin-out, the investment process and operational execution of KULeuven startups.​